This is why I don’t pay much attention to what is said at webproworld.

Of course CPA is the next step Google will take! You don’t think 20-50% PPC fraud is a big enough reason?

Sure, people will try and cheat the new system, but Google will just find them and kick them out of the program just like they’re doing with adsense right now.

Plus, CPA is just as effective as CPC for google. It’s just as easy to track, and it’s just as easy to tell which ads are making them the most profit. Plus, it fits more in with google’s motto for adwords of being relevant. If an advertiser is willing to pay $10/click for the keyword car insurance, but their site doesn’t convert, then that site isn’t something Google wants to be promoting for consumers. With the new CPA model, this will become immediatly apparent.

With the new CPA model google will be able to tell which advertisers have valid offers for consumers. That’s info they like.

I predicted this would happen a while ago (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one). I just wasn’t sure it would be Google who would implement it.

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