I blogged a while back about moving desktop apps to the internet and said that I was using trumba as my online calendar app.

Trumba is a REALLY good application. I have nothing but good things to say about it.

However, yesterday google released their long awaited online calendar application.

It’s really nice. Lots of javascript/ajax stuff going on with it to make it easy to use. Lots of different views (pretty normal for a calendar), easily set up multiple calendars, easily invite others to view events, easily set up repeating events, easily set up reminders.

A lot of stuff is triggered by just clicking on somewhere on the page and a window quickly pops up or changes automatically. Very little refreshing of the page, much like gmail.

I’m not sure I’ll switch from Trumba’s online calendar yet. As you know I’m not a huge fan of Google “the company” so I’d like to support the little guys for a while longer. I’m not sure how well other calendar companies will fare with this though, because google offers everything for free, which others have a hard time doing.