Ok, so this is cool. I’ve been wondering why google hits my site numerous times every day. Then I had an idea that maybe google indexes pages that have adsense on them. I mean, it makes sense for them to to it right? If a page has adsense on it, then google needs to know what’s on the page so they can put more effective, more targeted ads on it so that people are more likely to click on them and google makes more money.

Since I’ve been having problems with getting google to index my pages for http://www.buy-discount-cheap-online.com, I thought “If I can hit all of my pages, all of them have adsense on them. Then google will index all of the pages”. But before I go and write something to hit all of my pages or before I click on them all, I wanted to make sure google actually was indexing pages that have adsense on them. So I watched my apache log file as I clicked on pages on my site and sure enough, about 2 minutes after I click on a page on my site, along comes google hitting that same page.

I’m going to write a script that will hit my pages one by one about every 5-15 seconds. We’ll see what google does with it.