Since I use Linux, there hasn’t been a way for me to find the google pagerank of pages. Pagerank is useful when doing SEO (search engine optimization) so you know who is important to google and who isn’t. Google has provided the only way to find a pages pagerank by using the google toolbar, which has a little green bar on it to show you the pagerank of the site. Well, for some reason google hasn’t, and apparently won’t release it for other browsers which means that linux users can’t find a page rank. So, in order to find a site’s pagerank, you have to be using IE or your out of luck (especially if you’re using linux).

I guess not any more. Dave Smith just emailed me with a link to a pagerank tool provided by

It lets you put in a list of sites and it will calculate the pagerank for you. I’m guessing it’s not totally accurate, but it’l give you a pretty good idea of where a page ranks. Linux users can finally be free from using IE when trying to do SEO.