This is pure speculation…but from what I’m seeing on I think that Google keeps track of the number of people who click on a link to a page and then immediatly click back onto the google page. That would mean that they didn’t find what they were looking for on the other page.

And, I’m going to bet that if the ratio of click back visitors to stay on site visitors is high enough, google is going to pull you down some on your rankings.

I’ve never read anything about this, but…on, every time google does a major update, I get tons of traffic. Then over the next few days, that traffic slowly goes down until it levels off. For example, after one update, my traffic show up from like 40 visitors/day to 110 visitors one day. Then over the next few days it trickled down to average out at about 80 visitors/day. This last time they updated, it shot up from 80 visitors/day to 195 visitors that first day. Then over the next few days it trickled off. It’s still leveling off, but this time it looks like it’s leveling off around 140.

Google just doubled the number of pages of mine they have in their index (2500 -> 5900) so we’ll see what happens this time. If the traffic doesn’t shoot up again this time I’ll be worried.

If it does shoot up and then levels off, maybe it’s time to implement an ‘anti-back button’ piece of code so that the user’s back button doesn’t work to get off of my site.