So my hard drive failed last night at work. I got to work this morning and the monitor was just a bunch of junk lines of color. I tried rebooting but it wouldn’t do it…except into single mode.

Here’s what I learned from the guys here to do…I’m recording them just for posterity sake:

fsck -fy drive
ie. fsck -fy /
or fsck -fy /dev/hda1
or fsck -fy /dev/hda3
or e2fsck ….

fsck means like fix disk or something.
The f means force (check even if you think it’s ok)
The y means answer yes to all of the questions. if you don’t do the y it will ask you if you want to fix all of the problems it finds. In my case it was thousands.

Basically it came up with tons of errors and we decided that the disk had failed. I should still be able to get my data back, but it still stinks.