Yesterday was the summer solstice (and Fathers day…Happy Fathers day to the dads).
Days are long. Nights are short.  Kids are home from school.

When I was in the Philippines I was surprised at how different the days were from home (I’m in Utah, USA).

Their days were long. The sun came up early. And it was hot.

In March!

The Philippines is close to the equator.  The sun comes up early.  At home in Utah I don’t like to get up before 7am. When I was in the Philippines it wasn’t uncommon for me to get up in the 5’s.  I never do that at home.

As you work with people, you may find they’re morning people and get up in the 4’s to start work. They probably overlap with your afternoon.

Heat is also an issue. It’s hot in the Philippines. 
Ask your OFS what the temps are like and what their working conditions are like.

Bob H. just bought air coolers for 3 of his OFS:

In fact, because it’s so hot, and air coolers use so much electricity to run, in different parts of the Philippines they plan for this electricity usage…by shutting off the power. 
They call it “rolling brown-outs”.  Their electricity infrastructure can’t handle the demand so they plan to shut off the power to certain parts of cities at specific times. They publish a schedule so people know ahead of time when their power is going to go out. 

When we asked our people a few years ago if they wanted us to buy these they said no because running another one was so expensive (electricity is expensive in the Philippines).

We haven’t asked about buying air coolers in a few years…it’s time to ask again.