The first time I hired someone in the Philippines it was “easy”.

I told the agency who I wanted and they came back a few days later with my VA.

He lasted a couple days before he said “Sorry Sir, I don’t know anything and can’t do this job.” He quit.

The agency apologized profusely and then provided me someone else.

He lasted about a week and quit saying “Sorry Sir, I can’t handle the office politics at this agency.”

The agency repeated the process.

They found me someone who knew nothing.

“Here’s your webmaster! He’s all trained and everything!”


He knew nothing.

But…at least he was willing to try.

That was 2005.  He still works for me today, only today, he’s amazing.  I can ask him to do anything and he’ll get it done.

My hiring process (through the agency) was not smooth or efficient.

If one of your New Years Resolutions is to get some time back in your life, I want to help.

My One VA Away Challenge was created to make hiring an OFS easy, smooth, and efficient.

– It shouldn’t take you hours and hours
– You should never have to schedule an interview (unless you really want to)
– You won’t make mistake after mistake like I did
– I guarantee you’ll find someone great or I give your $49 back.

If you’re worried about hiring, worried you’ll make mistakes, worried you won’t find a good person, or worried you just won’t get it right, try my program today.