I see some people brag about their hiring philosophy of “Hire slow and fire fast.”

I know I’m going to make a lot of people angry by saying this, but I think it’s stupid.

Let’s start with the “hire slow” part of this statement.

If your hiring process is really slow, it wastes a lot of time.

That’s time you could spend working.

And…who has time to hire slowly???

If you take too long to hire, it also makes the person you want to hire anxious. They’ll start worrying why getting hired’s taking so long.

It also sends mixed signals; you’re showing interest but putting off hiring them. So the best available person becomes unavailable because they’d rather work for someone who will offer them a job.

The right hiring steps shouldn’t take you hundreds of hours.

That’s why I created OneVAAway.com. It can help you hire a great OFS in a couple of hours.

I’m proud of it because I know it works. I’ve tested and perfected it over the years.
Thousands have used it and achieved amazing results.

Now, let’s talk about the “Fire fast” part of the statement.

When you fire fast, it’s like you’re setting people up to fail.

It feels like an excuse not to give helpful and effective feedback.

Like, you know how when you’re doing something, and you’re so worried about making a mistake, that’s when you make mistakes?

This is how almost all OFS will be at the beginning of working for you.

People don’t make mistakes intentionally. Your OFS didn’t put in all that work of applying for your job just to screw up and get fired. Mistakes happen!

Maybe you didn’t give good instructions.

Maybe they were working mindlessly.

Maybe they didn’t get enough training for the job (something you can fix with VAsMadeEasy.com)

Or maybe it wasn’t even their fault at all.

When you give your OFS the chance to fix their mistakes and do better, they do become better workers.

When you fire someone as soon as they make a mistake, you’re missing out on a potential rockstar.

People love to repeat advice that seems right even if they have little experience with it. “Hire slow and fire fast” is one of those.  I do the opposite.

There’s a better way to hire a rockstar OFS. I’ll teach you how at OneVAAway.com