Riding a bike is so easy…once you know how.

Once you know, you can’t imagine not knowing how.

To a lot of people, a bike adds freedom, opportunity, exercise, competition, transportation…

Here’s my daughter competing in her last high school race:

Hiring an OFS is similar.

It seems so daunting.
So hard.
So…”I can’t do this”

So…let me outline how easy this actually is. Once you know how, you’ll never NOT know how.

1. Search and view some profiles at OnlineJobs.ph – this is always the first step because it requires no commitment by you.
Search something like:
Amazon FBA expert
Google adwords
Real estate VA
Shopify Developer

Look at some profiles. You’ll get a really good idea of what’s out there.

2. Post a job.  Super simple.  Don’t over complicate this. Post a few sentences.  It’s free.

3. Interview applicants via email. Ask them some questions.  You don’t need to do any prep work. No scheduling. No time zones. No video conference links.
Just keep asking them questions.

^^^^^ This is my secret to hiring fast, easy, efficiently, and almost always finding someone great!

4. Hire the best fit.

If you’re still not sure, use the steps at OneVAAway.com

Hiring an OFS is easier than learning to ride a bike.

And to a lot of employers, it gives MORE freedom than a bike.
And to the person you hire, it’s life changing.