You found an Online Filipino Specialist who’s really good. You like their work. You’re getting along great. You’re just about to hire them when they tell you, “By the way, I have another job. Is that okay?”

It’s not ideal, but sometimes hiring someone already working may be your only choice. This usually happens when:

Situation #1: You’re hiring a technical specialist, and your options are very limited.

Situation #2: You just need someone part-time, but that OFS needs a full-time salary to support themselves.

First and foremost, the fact that they’re honest about their situation is a good thing. This shows that they don’t want to lie to you. They don’t want to be hired under false pretenses. They know that you may not like the situation, giving you a chance to walk away.

If you still decide to hire an OFS who’s already working for someone else, here’s how you can make this situation work.

If you’re in situation #1, it’s going to be hard to expect them to go above and beyond for your business if they’re also working for someone else. The best you can get is that they meet your expectations. They’ll likely still be very good; just be aware their first priority is their full-time employer.

You and your OFS have to negotiate and agree on things like:
– How many hours a week should they be working for you?
– What’s the expected output?
– How quickly can you expect them to respond to your messages or feedback?

Situation #2 is a little trickier. Nobody can survive on a part-time salary. Expect them to need a full-time job.

If you’re hiring part-time because you want someone who’s super experienced and can’t afford their rates, there is another option.

You can try hiring someone inexperienced and give them the job full-time. If you’re worried about giving them training, we have you covered on that ( Some of the best people on my team started out as newbies. If you give them a chance, they just might surprise you.

If something isn’t working, the first thing to do is ask them.  Say something about their productivity and ask why. Often people think they have time to take on a second job only to find out it’s more demanding than they thought.