I haven’t written that Kim’s pregnant yet because I was waiting until she’s farther along. However, today we found out that she miscarried. It’s so sad. She went to the doctor today for her checkup and they couldn’t find the heartbeat. So she went to get an ultrasound and they said the baby wasn’t alive.

On a brighter note, our ebay business is starting to take off. It got 26 hits today and 24 yesterday. Before that it was getting like 2-3 hits/day. I think the large increase is due to 2 things: 1. Google indexed more pages and publishsed them into their search engine. 2. I added amazon content to the site. On saturday I added an amazon feed to each page. I search amazon with their api and publish the results. It’s really cool. So now I have both ebay content and amazon content. I just need to have google index more pages now and I’ll be good to go. I had 4 people click through today from my site to ebay. YES!!!