I just got an email from Rosalee asking about holiday pay for her OFS

“I’ve hired an OFS to edit one video a week. She works about 7-10 hours a week for me.

I’m wondering about the holiday pay that is often expected/appreciated for this time of year.

How does that apply to someone working part-time? When is that best sent?”

My answer to that is, it depends.

First, about general holidays (in the Philippines it’s called “Regular Holidays” ie. Christmas, New Years, Independence Day…)

If your part-time worker is paid hourly and they set their own hours, you don’t need to pay them extra if they work on holidays.

If your part-time worker is required to follow a work schedule and one of the days coincides with a holiday, then you can give them holiday pay (typically 1.5x normal pay), or paid time off.


Either way, it’s your choice if you want to give them holiday pay.

Second, if you want to give them bonuses around the holidays (the 13th month especially), it’s best to send it a few days early. Bank holidays in the Philippines can sometimes delay cash transfers. So if you want to give your OFS something for the holidays, it’s best to send them out early.