I recently sent out a newsletter about hiring Filipino students.

In that email, I discouraged hiring full-time Filipino students because they would need to prioritize their education. A college education is a big deal in the Philippines. If they don’t get that degree, they’ll never hear the end of it from their family.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a system where a student can still be a great OFS.

That’s what Brett showed me when he responded to my newsletter.

Just a word of encouragement! My VA (Full time student) is EXCEPTIONAL! She works about 7 hours per week for me.

She never misses a task, is kind, and is way better at the things she does than I ever was before I hired her.

There are two reasons why the working relationship with her works so well, that might be helpful to others.

1) Each task has 7 days to be submitted. If something large comes up, she can move things around to accommodate other areas of her life; school personal, or anything. Certain recurring tasks are done daily, and those tasks are predictable and she is able to accomplish some of them on her mobile phone.

2) At the start of her onboarding we met weekly to establish a healthy working relationship built on honest constructive feedback.

While meeting with her, I was able to understand how to best set her up for success, and she was able to understand the types of things that were important to me.

By taking time personally to be about 14 days ahead of her, I can give her a heads up if a large project is coming, and she can give me feedback if she will be unable to do something so I can plan.

This set up means neither of us are frustrated. It’s an AMAZING win.

This wont’t work for everyone BUT, I think a lot can be accomplished by a part time VA, even if they are in school, if you take the time to DEVELOP them as individuals, and UNDERSTAND what will allow them to do the best work for you.

My job has gotten easier, and I am accomplishing WAY more with her help. Actually, at this point, I am not sure how I would be able to run my business without someone like her.

I hope this is helpful and insightful!


This is a great tip. I love how Brett emphasizes the importance of communication and having realistic expectations. Things often work out when you find ways to work together.

If you set your OFS up for success, they can do amazing things.

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