Sometimes when you have a bad habit you just need something to snap you out of it.

I tried it today with my daughter.

She has chores, homework, and other responsibilities…

Yet she sat in front of the TV.

We had a little chat.

In the middle of the chat, when I said “TV is never an option” I also clapped my hands  (quickly yet gently) to both sides of her head and I said “GONG!”

I just wanted to interrupt her pattern of defaulting to TV.
I want her to think about something else when that’s what she defaults to.

I see so many people who default to tracking their OFS to see if they’re working.

To me, it’s a lazy habit that should be broken.

There are a few reasons:

1. It’s easy to tell if someone is being productive…just look at the output.
Has it gone up?
Has it gone down?
If it has gone down, say something.  See if there’s a reason.

“Hey, I noticed your productivity has gone down.  
Is something wrong?
Have I don’t something?  Is something not clear? Is your work hard?
Have you found another job?
What can I do to help you?”

My experience is that if you notice a drop in productivity, asking them if something is wrong is very effective.

2. Time tracking is based on distrust.  Not a good way to run a relationship.

3. Imagine it from their perspective…

Here are more details.

Build trust.
Let them do their work.
Verify by asking if something is wrong if you notice a productivity drop.


PS. I’ve tried using time trackers before. 
They hated it. “It feels like Big Brother.”
I hated it.