“How do I know if I can trust them?” <– the #1 question I get asked

“How do I trust them with sensitive information” <– The #4 question I get asked

Last week at the end of an email I asked how other people handle sensitive data.
Everyone responded about passwords.
I got the same answer over and over again:

Lastpass and Google drive

Lastpass stores your passwords and lets you share them securely with others, where they don’t actually get your password. You can easily revoke access laster if you need to.

Thanks Jay, Chris D, Shirley T

Hanna said:
“I use Google Drive to manage my staff. It allows me to share login credentials securely and I can manage who see can see what document or folder.

I can then remove the staff member when they no longer need access easily. I also track what they have access to so I can modify passwords at the root source if required.

This is the only thing I have been able to make work so far. I have had to change staff and been effective in removing access and changing passwords (if required) without any issues to date.”

Kase said:
“My current assistants have been with my long enough that I trust them with my personal passwords, quickbook access, and sometimes even banking info. I’d trust them with my children. No hesitation with sharing protected systems and financials with our most valuable employees.”

When everyone is doing the same thing usually I say “do something different”.

In this case, I’ve used Lastpass for about 15 years.  It’s wonderful.

The one answer I got that was different than Lastpass or Google drive for passwords was about Dashlane. Jamie B says:

“I’ve hired 5/6 staff members through Onlinejobs.ph over the last 3 years and I’ve been using a premium version of Dashlane for password protection. I have all the passwords on my main account and then simply share this with my teams own Dashlane account. It means that I can securely share passwords. Dashlane also has a built in VPN if staff can’t access websites due to their location. 

My staff don’t keep documents on their computers, all worksheets are on Google sheets and so I can revoke access if required.”

I know some of you wanted a better “data security” answer here. 
I don’t have one.  I’ve never dealt with HIPPA laws or financial industry scrutiny.

But Thursday I’ll tell you what my Online Filipino Content Specialist has to say about it.