When my OFS “Twinkle” got sick last year, our first reaction was to encourage her to get better.

Her first reaction was 

“OH no! I’m going to lose my job!”

I had no idea that was her big worry…she’s just now telling us.

Here’s what she says
One of the downsides of working online is that a job can be easily taken from you, and this was a big fear for me. 

Last year, in the midst of a lockdown in our city because of COVID-19, I started feeling sick. Being sick in a pandemic is the worst. Going to the doctor is not easy — I had to get a clearance from our barangay (village) before any doctor would agree to see you, and if you have a fever (which I did because I had an infection), they would cancel your appointment. It was because of this that I wasn’t able to get the treatment that I should have.

Early this year, my infection grew so much worse that my body had gone into septic shock. I was brought into the ICU and had a very scary two weeks in the hospital. But what’s scarier was being not able to work and knowing that I won’t be able to work for a couple of weeks more. It was a huge possibility that I’ll be out of a job.

But it wasn’t the case. John and Dan reached out as soon as they found out what happened and assured me that I can take my time to heal and get my strength back. They reassured me that I just have to focus on getting better and that I still have a job waiting for me when I’m ready.

This was a big deal. Especially when I’ve never ever met them personally. It was a testament to how John cares for us, his OFSs. And his care is a guarantee that he won’t just give up on us just because we’re not in a good place, he trusts us enough to pick ourselves back together and come back.

I’ve always thought that working from home is great, but having a boss who cares and trusts you is the best. 

We don’t have deadlines of mission critical work that HAS to get done right now.
It’s fine if she misses a month of work.  We’re just happy to have her working for us.

If YOU have mission critical work, deadlines, tasks that MUST get done on time: 
How do you handle if an OFS doesn’t show up?

Please respond and let me know.