When I hired my first full-time Filipino worker, it scared me a little, not going to lie.

Can I afford this?
Can they actually do good work for me?
Can I keep them busy full-time?
How will I create tasks for them to do?
How will I have the time to train them?
I’m responsible for paying this person…what if I can’t?

Eventually, I took the leap because I realized I couldn’t just keep working the way I was. To grow, I had to do something different.

After a couple of years, I finally realized something:

Hiring someone full-time forced me to think.

I had to look at my process. Which ones have value? What tasks waste our time?
What can I have him do to grow the business?

It wasn’t an automatic process. It took me a while to figure out what tasks were worth our time. But the good thing about having a full-time Filipino worker on your team is that they can do so many things. Once you figure out the tasks and processes you need for your business, you can just outsource those to them immediately.

Want to know what other employers are outsourcing to their OFS?
I asked employers around the world what their OFS do for them. We came up with 221 tasks.

It’s completely free.


PS. Despite the brutally hot summer, I’m still out riding bikes with my wife. It’s something we love. I feel rejuvenated after riding so I can be effective at work.