Over the past 2 years it has become more and more apparent to me that I need help.

For a long time I ran OnlineJobs.ph.

I managed the developers.
I thought through features.
I thought through solutions.
I pushed projects forward.
I reminded people of their pending tasks.
I kept track of things.

And…I still run OnlineJobs.ph…

…but it’s time for me to have some help managing all those things.

So I promoted from within.

Meet Joven, the new Operations Manager at OnlineJobs.ph

Joven is a VA turned OFS.

You’ve already met him. He was the first person I ever hired in the Philippines.  He has worked for me since 2005.

When I first hired him he knew NOTHING!

Since 2005 he has had countless roles for me.

– article writer
– webmaster
– trainer
– admin verification
– VA
– checker on other OFS
– team lead
– running PPC campaigns
– other things I don’t remember…

Today he’s an OFS.

There are 2 takeaways:

1. Filipinos are super loyal. They want to stick with you and your company. If you’re willing to invest in them, it pays big dividends down the road.

2. Filipinos want to contribute.
Recently Joven emailed me and said

“Sir, I’m ready for more responsibilities.  Right now I’m not being utilized enough. I want a change and to do more for the company.”

This tells you Joven’s attitude, which is not unique to him.
Lots of OFS want to do more for you…it just requires you letting them.

They want to make a difference.
They want to contribute.
They want to do meaningful work.
They don’t want a dead-end job.

Try asking your OFS “How happy are you in your current role?  What else could you see yourself doing for the company?  What other skills do you have?”

The things they tell you might not align with your vision, but it might just give you a different perspective on your OFS.


PS. This email may be a little premature.  He’s just starting in this new role. I don’t know if it will work yet. It may not be natural to him.  But we’re going to try to make it work because it will help me so much!