One of my college roommates and I saw things differently.

Me: I think I can run my own business and make my own schedule and work a lot less.

Him: “Don’t you know small business owners work more than anyone else!”

Haha…who’s laughing now!

This roommate grew up to be a Radiation Oncologist.  He treats cancer every day.  But along with that comes a bunch of procedural work.

He came to me a few weeks ago and said 

“How can a VA help me in my business?”

What do your days look like?

“I review patient notes
I see patients
I write notes after seeing the patients
I review patient notes
I treat patients”

Tell me more about writing notes?

We get into it. Turns out most of his time isn’t spent treating cancer, most of his time is spent at a desk.

I suggested he hire a VA who already has experience in medical transcription.  Then, record the entire conversation with the patient.
After seeing the patient, voice record what you want to write in the note. 
Then send the voice recording, along with the entire patient conversation recording to the patient.
Have the VA write the note.  They have the entire conversation plus your thoughts right in front of them.
Then review what they wrote and make modifications as necessary.

Even if it takes them 4 hours to do what would have taken you 45 minutes…totally worth it!

“Really?  You think that would work?”


“Can I really hire someone who already understand medical language?”


“And they’re talented at writing?”


I leveled with him: as a doctor, his most precious asset is his time. This is true for any business-owner as well.

Will the notes come out perfect the first time?


Will it take more work to create the first few notes?


But one of the great things about a Filipino VA is they’re loyal.
You can afford to spend the extra time to teach them something.

We figured my friend could save 6 hours/week.

6 HOURS!!!

I don’t know if he’ll do it or not.  Some people aren’t doers.

But you…you’re just One VA Away!


PS. This is your radiation oncologist and his ER doc wife