I got this email from Mark:

I am in Australia and have someone working for me via Upwork’s in the Philippine’s.

They are full time.

Can you please tell me the cost of having them employed through you?


I’ve talked about this in greater detail in why Onlinejobs.ph isn’t like Upwork. But if you don’t want to read that right now, I’ll give you a straight answer: it would cost you $69.

$69 seems like a lot, considering that Upwork is free but it’s not really free.

Let me explain.

Upwork takes a cut out of worker salaries, we don’t.

That means every time you pay your worker through Upwork, you are paying Upwork. The more you pay someone through Upwork, the more you pay Upwork.

We at Onlinejobs.ph only charge for access to the database ($69/month), which you can cancel as soon as you’ve hired someone.

So if you’ve found someone within the first month, hiring someone would cost you $69

Once you’ve hired someone, you communicate, manage, and pay workers directly.

This means you can communicate with them any way you want (email, chat, calls, etc). You don’t need to use our platform.

This means you can use any project management tool you want (Asana, Trello, Monday, Basecamp, etc). You don’t need to use our platform.

You can pay your workers through EasyPay, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, or whatever. You don’t need to use … I think you get the point.

For $69, you get access to around 2 million profiles. You can start communicating directly with workers. Then take that communication off our platform.

We have a $99 subscription that offers even more if you want more.
If you end up hiring more often than a couple times per year, you’ll save even more on our discounted annual subscription plans.

Want to know more about our subscription plans? Onlinejobs.ph/pricing


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