Rachel’s OFS has been working for her for over a year, and recently asked for a raise. So she emails me and asks.

How much of a raise is expected?  I started her at $8.00 an hour and that seemed to be the upper end for the bookkeeping/secretarial work she does for us.  Is a raise of $1.00 nice enough or too little?


There’s no standard in doing this. Giving a raise would depend on several factors like:
– What you can afford
– The agreement you made with your OFS when you hired them (if any)
– Their performance the past year.

In our business, we give a raise every year, but my team doesn’t know how much that will be. They know it would depend on their performance, so some do get more than others.

Some even get a raise as early as six months if they’ve done spectacular work.

So here’s my advice for Rachel.
If an extra $1 an hour is something you feel you can afford and is fair, given the amount and quality of work they’re doing, go right ahead. You can go higher or lower.

FYI, when my OFS saw the $1/hour raise, she said it was really generous.  It’s a 12.5% raise.

Either way, your OFS will appreciate it because it’s a raise, and who doesn’t love a raise?

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