Our lead generation isn’t the same as your lead gen.
My business is different than yours.

But lead generation is still critical to almost all businesses, so here are some ideas for you from ways my team does it for me.

– participating in forums – they regularly make posts and contribute to relevant forums. They don’t always include links, but when they do, it’s usually to my business.

– Social media – My team completely runs my social media channels. I don’t actually know what they do there…nor do I want to know.

– Ads – We run google ads. We run Facebook ads. We run YouTube ads.  We DON’T run tik-tok ads (we probably should…I’m just not hip enough yet).  I never login to any of those platforms.

– Free giveaways – we have multiple instructional documents we give away free to bring new leads in.  I didn’t write most of these documents.  I didn’t write the copy for the opt-in pages. I didn’t create the opt-in pages. I didn’t hook them up to my email provider (mail chimp). I did write some of the emails that go out.

How is your OFS generating leads for you?