I hate FB…but you already know that.  I’ve said it multiple times.

I don’t have it on my phone.
I don’t login to the website.
I didn’t see the news that blah blah blah…

So how do we run so many FB ads?

To be completely honest, I don’t know.

I mean, I know in general how it’s done.

I just don’t know how it’s posted. Or what website to go to. Or what buttons they push.

I don’t need to know that because I have a fantastic OFS team to do that for me.

Here’s our process.

It starts with brainstorming. We look at what our marketing objectives are. I work with my team to come up with concepts. If I have an idea, I just record a bunch of videos and send them to the team.

Sometimes they come up with ideas, and they send me a script. I tweak the script, shoot the videos and just send them to my team.

Once my team gets the video:

My video editor grabs them and edits them. Sometimes I give feedback when some parts don’t work. But for most cases, the videos come out great. Once he gets the green light for them, the videos are sent to the writer.

My writer watches the videos and writes several titles and captions per video. After a grammar check, they’re sent to the FB ads manager. The FB ads manager tests the ad, schedules, and monitors them. The best-performing ads stay on. The worst of the bunch is deleted.

My FB ads manager also monitors my social media for posts that do well. She boosts a post if she sees it getting a lot of views and engagement.

That’s the simplified version.

I want to point out that the ads are just part of an overall marketing strategy. The team tweaks the messaging depending on what part of the marketing funnel they’re working on.

That’s how we create and run a lot of ads. I don’t need to know how to do it myself because I got a team of specialists to help me.

Do you want your OFS to learn how to run FB ads for you too? We have training for that at VAsMadeEasy.com.


PS. How we train OFS isn’t super different than how I’m teaching my little kids to ride mountain bikes.  We ride a bunch of times. Then I pay other people to teach them. Here’s my daughter learning to brake properly at a skills clinic last week.