I’m happy when I get thank you emails from business owners. But it warms my heart when I get emails from people who make it their life’s work to make the world a better place.

I do my podcast in the day “my time.”  He edits it and uploads it in the day “his time”, and it is ready to go in the morning I want it posted.

It works great.

Thank you so much for your program and letting me find my Filipino VA.

I have been to the Philippines 5-6 times on missions trips and loved the people and culture.  I just didn’t know how to find what I needed, and your program was perfect.

That email was from David Baker, a non-profit ministry pastor, and chaplain of a county jail. He also runs a men’s home to help people who got out of jail put their lives back together. On top of that, David’s a prolific author and the vice president of an online Bible college. He does all that while being an active father and grandfather.

As you can imagine, David is busy. He works non-stop, not to enrich himself but to help his community.

Yes, most ministries have volunteers. To get everything done, volunteers aren’t enough. Non-profits need workers too! David needs full-time help so he can serve his flock every day. But you can’t afford to waste money when running a non-profit. You want most of that money going to work that would help people in need.

So what did David do? He found full-time help by hiring Filipino workers. He figured out how to do it through OneVAAway.com and Onlinejobs.ph.


The fact that he’s doing all that work and managed to find an amazing OFS tells you that OneVAAway.com makes finding an OFS faster and easier for anyone.

He loves that his OFS works while he sleeps. He can focus on his ministry and recording his podcast in his time. At night, his OFS edits and uploads it. It’s one less thing David has to worry about.

I often talk about how having an OFS helps both the business owner and the Filipino worker. What David has done here is making a positive change for the world.