A lot of mornings I do this with my 3rd grade daughter while she’s getting ready for school.

“What’s 4×8?”
“What’s 7×8?”

I’ll just repeat over and over to help her memorize.

Math is a lot about patterns.  The more you recognize the patterns, the easier it is.

Learning to read is the same…but more complicated at first. 

When teaching my son to read we would read sentences, do flash cards, sound words out, read different types of stories…

All kinds of exposure to different situations helped him to read. 

Teaching an OFS is SO much easier!

Here’s how I teach and train:

1. If it’s a skill they already have, I ask for a plan first.
How would they implement this?
What are the steps?
What kind of content will they create?
How often?
How will they accomplish the task?

2. I go over the plan and make modifications according to how it fits my business and my understanding and goals.
3. I ask them to do the initial implementation and then show me their work.
4. I give feedback.
5. Repeat steps 3-5.

Rarely does it happen perfectly the first time. Steps 3-5 happen over and over again.

Usually…I mean, I’d say 98% of the time…the feedback is done in screen recording using Snagit.

Here’s a video I made this week for one of my OFS.  She’s one of my Content Specialists. She regularly contributes to this newsletter and I’m ready for her to take a more active role.

I have her posting the emails to a blog. Now I want her to get the URL of the future blog post and add it to the newsletter.  All of this needs to happen before anything is live.

Here’s my actual training:


After doing it, I realized I left some things out. 
I need to talk about the timing of publishing the posts. Timing of adding the links is also important. 
I’ll make another video and explain it to her. 

The magic of Snagit is it’s super easy to share the video you just made. 
It’s also super easy to add more: just make another video.

And, if you set it up correctly, you’ll never lose a training you create. It amazes me how often training or feedback from years ago gets referenced in our work.

Here’s how I set up Snagit.


This is so prevalent that my team regularly sends me screenshots or videos now.

Don’t have the time to do all this? No worries. We have a training library you can use at VAsMadeEasy.com


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