Some of you think I never work.

You think I only ski and ride my bike and occasionally write an email.

I do all of those things…I just do them in equal amounts to how much I work.

Here’s proof.

It’s just that when I work I’m ultra efficient. 

I delegate everything.
I purposefully won’t touch any moving parts.
Even if I can do it myself faster, I never do.  I always assign it to someone else. 

When I started with VAs (I didn’t start with specialists) I only had 1.
Then I needed someone else.
Then 3.
Over time I built a team.

Cyrill asked me recently:
Could you talk and explain a bit how do you manage a team of more than 20 VAs? How much time should you spend with each VA at that stage? How do you put structure and systems in your virtual organization? How do you build an efficient reporting structure so that you don’t have to spend hours with everybody but you still have a system in place to detect quickly if there are any problems or the work stops?

Here are my thoughts on managing a large team of Online Filipino Specialists.


PS. What tips do you have for managing a large team? Reply and let me know.

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