Growing up I had 2 male role models: My dad and my uncle.

We were poor. My dad worked hard, but we were poor. He always had a good stable job, and then at night either he went to law school or after graduating, he did legal work to try and make ends meet. 
I love my dad.

My uncle was rich.  He was a lawyer. He had lots of time and lots of money.
I wanted to be like him.

I decided early on that I didn’t want a job, I wanted to be a lawyer.


It wasn’t until college that I realized

I don’t want to be a lawyer, I want to run a business.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my uncle ran a business.

Yes, he was a lawyer, he did legal work, but he also had others doing legal work for him. He didn’t have to show up to work.
He ran a business.

Fast forward…

Today my idea of a business is something that runs itself. 
If you HAVE to show up to work or the business doesn’t run, you just have a job.

Sure, it might be a high paying job, but it’s still a job. It’s not passive income.

I want you to become the CEO and run a BUSINESS, not a JOB.

Here’s how.

Hiring skilled workers is the best way I know if to start stepping away from your business and building passive income.