On Facebook, I (and by “I” I mean my OFS) get occasional comments from business owners who say they’ve tried outsourcing who insist that there aren’t any talented workers in the Philippines.

“I’ve been outsourcing for years. Workers in the Philippines are crap! They’re only good for data entry jobs.”

At the same time, I see many people who say they’ve found lawyers, accountants, nurses, programmers, designers… at Onlinejobs.ph.

In fact, I’m contacted every single day by people saying they love their OFS.

So what is it really? Are there good, talented workers in the Philippines or not?

There are! The fact that I and hundreds of thousands of others like me have found these people is proof enough that Filipinos are a great workforce.

But why is it that some people can’t seem to find good workers?

The problem primarily lies in the recruitment process.

I see it all the time.  When complainers tell me what they did to find someone I can almost always see the mistakes they made.

You will attract the right people when you have a good recruitment process. That’s what I teach at OneVAAway.com. It’s a process I’ve worked to perfect over the years. I and many others grew our businesses this way. I know it works because I’ve taught it to friends, family, and thousands of other business owners, and it’s worked for them too!

The problem also lies with the person doing the hiring.

You’ll never find the best person if you’re not doing the hiring yourself. You’re the one who knows your business best. If you delegate this task to an agency, they don’t have the insight into your business and your personality to make the right hire so they’re not going to take the time to find the best person. They’ll take the first person who’s just “good enough” (barely qualified).

This is why some people will never find good workers in the Philippines.

Finding a great OFS starts with posting a job. Get the ball rolling.