When I was just starting my business, I didn’t have time to hire someone to help me.

I just bought a house.
I had a brand new baby.
I had a fledgling business.

I needed the business to grow because I didn’t want to go back to working for someone else.

I also knew that I could do more if I just had someone to help me with this one task. If I can get this task off my plate, it would make things easier. I’d be more productive. I could grow my business, and I’d have more time for my family.

So I made time for finding someone.
It wasn’t a lot of time.
I was still working 40 hours a week at that point.
But taking that first couple of hours away to just find my first VA, Joven, was so worth it.

Sure, I lost a couple of hours’ worth of work finding him. But I gained thousands (hundreds of thousands?) since. Every minute I spent training him gave me hundreds of work hours and productivity I couldn’t do alone. That was 2005, he still works for me today.

Then when my business started growing and I needed more help, I just repeated the process. The more people I hired, the more time I got. That’s what led me to my 17 hour work weeks.

If you’re worried that you don’t have time to hire an OFS, think about what happens if you don’t.


Unless you take action to make a change, everything stays the same.

It’ll only take you 2-3 hours (total) to go through the recruiting process I outlined in OneVAAway.com and find that one OFS that can change your life.

Isn’t that time well spent?

It’s likely the best ROI you’ll ever get.