Over the past few months my copywriter has been really slow with doing work. 
I finally said to him

Hey, are you able to do this work or do I need to get someone else?

He replied and let me know

“I’m dealing with some really serious health stuff.  I can’t do it. Let me refer you to someone else.”

He referred me to a couple people and I also posted a job on OnlineJobs.ph

I found someone really great (from OnlineJobs.ph, not from his referrals).

She did a couple copy projects (she wanted to work on a per-project basis) but then she insisted on getting paid a specific way, something we don’t do.

Sorry…that doesn’t work for us.

So I’m now hiring my second choice. I hope he’s as good…but I don’t know.

People often come into this thinking

“I just want to hire the BEST person!”

But sometimes you can’t hire the “BEST” person.  Sometimes you have to hire the best AVAILABLE person. Sometimes the BEST person isn’t the best person for your company. Sometimes the effort required to find the “BEST” person isn’t in the cards.

Hire the best available person.

Getting the work done is more important than getting the work done perfectly.


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