It’s NHL Playoff season.

It’s also NBA Playoff season.

It was American Idol season.

I like to watch all 3 (I prefer the NHL over the NBA, I know, I know…you hate hockey) but it would be almost impossible without my dvr.

But that’s not what my post is about.

This post is about how technology is making my life better.

See, with my dvr I watch less TV, spend less time watching it, and I watch what I want.

I don’t spend time browsing the channels watching garbage. I don’t spend time before a show comes on anticipating when it’s going to come on, and watching some other trash before it.

Right now I record all the games that are on. Sometimes that’s 2 NHL games and 2 NBA games on the same night. When I sit down to watch stuff, I watch stuff I have recorded. I’m very careful not to find out the scores of games before I watch them, that ruins the fun of it.

When I watch stuff, I skip all the junk at the beginning before the game.

15 minutes saved.

Commercials? LOL.

The NHL has 90 seconds of commercials and about another 30 seconds of “stuff” every time they take a break.
The NBA has about 2 minutes of commercials plus another minute of “stuff” every time they take a break.

I don’t watch any of it.

Halftime? Quarters? Periods?


I can watch a full hockey game in about an hour and a half (an hour if I’m skipping each time they blow a whistle…it’s almost always about 30 seconds in between when they blow the whistle and when they drop the puck again).
I can watch a full NBA game in about the same time. If I’m really hurrying I’ll skip the free throws too. Man, I never realized how long it takes to shoot 2 free throws.

American Idol?


I never realized how much of a rip-off that show is. 4 minutes of commercials about every 10-15 minutes!


A 1 hour American Idol show only takes about 35 minutes to watch.

When I watch a show, I never watch commercials anymore. That means that that program’s time is cut down.

It also means that I’m not bound to TV schedules anymore. If I want to watch something, I don’t have to make sure I’m home in time. If my wife wants me to go to the mall with her and it’s the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals, I don’t have to say “You’re freaking crazy!”.

I just pause it.

What this all means is that I spend less time watching TV, and my TV viewing time is better spent.

When I got it I thought it was just going to mean I would spend more time watching TV because I had so much TV available to me. What I’ve found is that I spend less time watching it because I can always only watch what I want to watch.

If there isn’t something on the DVR fo rme to watch, I don’t want to watch TV at all because I hate having to sit through commercials. When I don’t have any fast forward saved up on the show I’m watching, it drives me crazy. I pause it, walk away, and come back later.

My wife is happier.

My kids are happier.

I can watch a playoff game and play with my kids at the same time. I can concentrate on my kids and sort of watch the TV. If something exciting happens, I just hit the 20 second rewind button.

There have been few things that have changed my life a bunch.

The internet is obviously one.

My ipod is another. It turns travel time into productive time. I love it and I’ve made tons of money because of it.

My DVR is another one.