I have talked about how common it is for Filipino families to have a relative work abroad and how difficult that situation is for them. Have you ever heard this story firsthand?

Meet Ben. He’s part of our social media team, and his wife is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW).

I’m Ben, 44, and a proud father and husband. I’m part of Onlinejobs.ph social media team.

I’ve been happily married 11 years running. My wife is currently an OFW for 7 years now, so it’s just me and our son at home. Our son will be 11 soon and is excited to become a young man.

Before becoming an OFW, my wife was a teacher. She taught basic computer skills and language (Japanese). Her last job was a Japanese customer technical support for a satellite TV company.

She became an OFW because we wanted a better life for our family. We were both supporting our parents and siblings, but we weren’t making enough. Working abroad seemed like our only option.

My wife working overseas is difficult for us, emotionally, physically, mentally. We’ve gotten used to it, but it’s still hard sometimes. I want my wife to be back here with us, to cherish moments together, make memories that will last forever, and grow old together side by side.

If I had known about online work back then, I would have done things differently. Once my wife finishes her contract, I will help her find an online job so she never has to leave and worry about us ever again.

I can’t imagine not seeing my wife and kids for years. Ben’s wife has been doing this for 7 YEARS, and she’s still doing it!

This is why I love the work we do at Onlinejobs.ph. We’re helping keep families together.

As a side note, we have lots of Japanese speakers at Onlinejobs.ph.