Sara was drowning with life.  

An OFS changed that.

Here’s what Sara wrote to me a few days ago:

I purchased One VA Away back in March and didn’t watch it until about 2 weeks ago when I was just drowning balancing life and trying to grow a few businesses.  

So I finally watched the videos, posted a job and had 286 applications.  I was completely overwhelmed.  But I kept watching your videos and used your guidance to go through each one.  Eliminating first based on budget, then just started asking questions to see which ones would write back in a timely manner.  

Then, there was one that just stood out.  Not because of her experience, but because of how she communicated via email, how responsive she was and more importantly how she used bullet points and answered EVERY question!  I hired her and we have been working together for only 3 business days so far, but she is absolutely a perfect fit!  I am so thankful for you, your process and to have given me the structure and platform to find the most amazing person to add to my team!

So kudos to you for a job well done.  Your experience shows and thank you for sharing it!



In my experience, if you don’t have time to hire it’s likely 1 of 2 situations:

1. You’re already managing a bunch of people
2. You’re working IN your business. 

#1 is an acceptable reason to put off hiring.
#2 isn’t.  Spend some time working ON your business. Few people ever regret this.