My family went to Glacier National Park a few weeks ago.

Glacier is amazing. We rode our bikes on the “Going To The Sun” road. The road is closed to cars so it’s just bicycles until they can clear all the snow off.

In the late spring the snow is melting like crazy and there are waterfalls all over the place.  Waterfalls that are full on rivers flowing onto or under the road. 

Even in June there are still walls of snow 20 feet high on the side of the road.

To get there, it’s a 10 hour drive. We spent 3 days there, then 2 hours to Missoula Montana for a bike race. 2 days there. Then 8 hours back home.

6 days away from work and I didn’t tell anyone on my team I was leaving. 
And I didn’t bring a laptop (I never do anymore).

Not one person on my team knew I was going to be gone for 6 days, and nothing changed in my business.  

Customer support still got done.
The software was improved.
New jobseeker profiles were approved or rejected.
Social media posts were made.
Ads were created and posted.
Leads were generated and followed up with.

Nothing changed while I was gone.  Everyone still did their work.

People are always shocked to hear I could leave my business for a week, not tell anyone I’m leaving, and have things run smoothly.

Now, I’m not saying your business can do this.  Maybe your business depends on you. 
But I’m saying I’ve never seen a business that couldn’t benefit from a little human automation to free up the owners time.

Whatever help you need, you can find a Specialist who will work Online from the Philippines (OFS = Online Filipino Specialist).

Head to and search for the skill you need. It’s free. You can post a job free. You can see job applications free.  You just can’t see contact info until you pay.


PS. I rarely tell people I’m leaving. It never affects my business. Although…I probably should just to be courteous.