I just got back from cycling across Europe for a month.

No laptop.

That’s right.

I didn’t take my laptop with me.

“But John…I’ve been getting your emails 4 times per week for the past month.  I’ve seen your ads on Facebook and Youtube. How?”



Running my own business was always about lifestyle for me.  It was hard in the beginning. I was doing everything myself.  Wearing all the hats.  “CEO” (hah…yeah right), book keeper, social media manager, content writer, customer service, web development, marketing, appointment scheduler, sales…

I did it all.
I worked a lot.
It was hard.

Until I learned how to find and hire the right people.

And, it didn’t happen all at once.  It was a slow process.  I hired one person to do one thing. Then I taught them something else. Then something else.
Then it was time to hire someone else.

That first person was a leap of faith.  It was hard on me.
Can I afford them?
Can they do good work?
Can I trust someone?
Can I keep them busy?

The second person I hired was another leap of faith.  Less hard than the first. I already had answers to my questions.

The third person, much less of a leap.

The fourth…easy.

Hiring someone the first time isn’t easy for anyone. It’s not easy for you. It’s not easy for your neighbor. It wasn’t easy for that guy you know who is super successful.

But to make progress you have to take a leap.

Working about 17 hours/week is standard for me now. I have an entire team of OFS who run my business, even when I’m away.

Take the leap. It’s amazing.


We climbed up and over the mountain behind us. Even starting the climb was a leap of faith. It was hard.