One of my kids chores (on Wednesday specifically) is to ask mom for a chore.

“Mom, what can I do for you.”

Ummm…you can wipe the counter down.
Ummm…you can break down all the boxes and put them in recycling.
Ummm…you can help Brigg find his shoes.

We’re constantly making things up.

What would happen if they came up with the chore themselves?

“Ummm…I could eat some chocolate chips.”
“Ummm…I could watch some Minecraft videos on YouTube.”

What about with your Online Filipino Specialist?

The conversation would be totally different.

Branda Albano did a case study with us this week (to be released soon). 
In it she said that she regularly asks her OFS what they can do for her:

“I continually asked [my VA], ‘give me some ideas; what kinds of things have you done for other people?’ I think that’s the key. ‘What have you seen other [VAs] do for other people that you think you could bring to my business? Please help me.’ And letting them know that you’re not just looking for them to just follow you step by step, but you’re looking for initiative.” – Brenda Albano

I’ve done this a number of times over the years.  It’s always interesting what they come up with:

“I could build you a social media presence.” (I didn’t have one at all)
“I could find influencers who might be interested in using” (lead generation)
“I’ve been studying WordPress and working with it. I could work on our WordPress site.”

Part of the Philippines culture is progress.  They want to learn more and they want to progress. Most of them are studying something new. If you ask them what else they can do for you, it might surprise you.

Just ask.