I have a neighbor who sells shoes on eBay.

He has like 3,000-5,000 Pairs of shoes…in his basement! He’s always wearing some cool new pair of unique shoes.
I’ve mentioned to him a number of times about hiring OFS and he’s always like “Oh, there’s nothing they could do for me. I have to do it all myself.”

Ok…I mean…I believe there are some things that he has to do by himself. He’s amazing at finding great deals on shoes that will sell really well. That’s what’s making his business successful.

Then I turn around and have an email in my inbox from someone else saying “I run an eBay business selling “___” and I just hired my 6th OFS and they do this and this and this on eBay for me.”

Guess which eBay business is bigger?

Actually, no.

Guess which eBay business owner works less?

I know every business has a unique selling point, but for the most part, that’s probably the only thing unique about your business.

Everything that supports that unique selling point, everything that makes it possible, isn’t unique.

To give that unique selling point to your customers, you need:
marketing people to spread the word.
admin people to keep things running smoothly.
customer support to make sure your clients are happy.
technical support so you can automate

Getting someone to help you in your business doesn’t make it less special.

It actually gives you more time to focus on that special thing, that magic, because you have people taking care of everything else.

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