If you know me at all, you know I’m all about implementation.
I think it’s a huge mistake to spend time learning things that pertain to your business but not implementing them.

So, today I’m going to implement one of them for you.

If you haven’t seen what the guys at TrafficGeyser.com are doing, you need to check it out:

http://www.siteproweb.com/lead/10-10-4 (I think that’s Andrew Lock’s affiliate link…lol)

There are 2 things to learn from this:

  1. the process they’re teaching as it pertains to your business (using videos to get leads and convert them into buyers)
  2. the process they’re using to get leads and turn them into buyers

The process they’re using is almost exactly the same as the one they’re teaching. Notice how they’re giving away great free content teaching you how to do something, and in the process they’re teaching you how to use their product. Genius!

So, being about implementation, here’s what I did.

I watched their video today:


I see how this can fit into my business.

So, I sent this email (You should send this email too!) to 2 of my guys in the Philippines:


I know I’ve been sending you a lot of stuff to do recently. I’d like
an update on how they’re going.

Also, here’s another thing I want you to work on. You guys can split
this up however you want…my suggestion is that you both come up with
some of the questions/video topics, you both write them and edit each
others stuff, and get talk together about what the videos should be.

1. go here: http://trafficgeyser.com/blog/?p=40
2. watch the video and read the pdf (they’re basically the same thing,
but each explains a little differently).
3. come up with the 20 video topics he talks about. I want these to
not only be topics, but I want the questions and the answers. I’ll
then film the videos with the scripts you send.
4. come up with the squeeze page video script. You can use the script
I sent you before (I think I sent it to [name ommitted]…it’s also available in
the video training module on ReplaceMyself.com). It’s a really good script for prepping a customer to buy or opt-in and it’s super easy to follow.
Here’s another script you can use.
5. come up with the thank you page video script.
6. come up with the “buy my stuff” video script.

I realize that what I’m asking you guys to do is very different than
what I’ve asked you to do in the past. I’m asking you to become
salesmen. I want you to create a sales process.
I have been doing this for years, so I’ll likely have ideas for you
along the way. When you guys give me stuff, I’ll give you feedback.

Let me know what you think.


A couple of notes:

  1. Obviously I’ve trained these guys. They have a very good working internet marketing knowledge (this is why I created ReplaceMyself.com in the first place…to help train other people’s employees so they would be on the same level as mine are…mine are very smart!)
  2. These guys have a very good knowledge of the market we’re going to be doing the videos in (they’re the ones who build all the websites and write all the content for it).
  3. There are going to be a couple of iterations on the scripts where they send me the scripts, and I give them feedback…not a problem…I’m prepared for it.
  4. When we have the videos, I’ll have them put them on a site and have them build the squeeze page and thank you page. I’ll also have them use trafficgeyser (I’ve already taught them how…it’s module #5 in ReplaceMyself.com) to submit the videos to all the video sites.

Done. Implemented (or…at least…implementation started by someone else…not me!)

It took me more time to write this blog post than it did to implement this sales process. Basically all I have to do now is hone the video scripts and then film the videos. The rest is done for me.

If you’re not doing this, WHY NOT??????

Seriously…let me know in the comments why not!

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