It’s always interesting to me to see what Julia writes about for my newsletter. I rarely give her a topic.  I just ask that she does it once a week.  

I had no idea she’s using a learning journal.  It’s an interesting idea.

From Julia, my OFS:
A daily report is something you should require when you hire an online Filipino worker. Being able to see what they’ve done day after day makes it easier to keep track of their productivity and progress.

But what if you just hired your Filipino worker and they’re still undergoing training? How would you know if they’re really going through the training resources you’ve given them? Do they understand it? How would you know if they’re stuck? 

I recommend that you have your OFS send you their learning journal as part of their report.

What’s a learning journal?

A learning journal is a diary where you write down your thoughts about what you’ve learned for the day and how you feel about it. It’s a studying hack some teachers use to help their students engage with subjects better.

I have a simplified version of it with my daughter for her summer classes. 

She shows me her journal at the end of the day. She tells me what she’s learned in her summer classes and her feelings about what she’s learned. And to motivate her, I give her a sticker for doing well.

This is how I make mine. I take notes on what I’m learning. I highlight the questions I have about a topic and I research the answer until I get it.

I prefer handwriting my learning journal but to make it easier for them to submit it through email, making a doc file might be better.

This is also going to help your OFS because it forces them to think about what they’ve learned. They’re not just watching a video or following examples. Asking them what they’re feeling about what they’re learned and how much of it they understand makes the learning process more active. 

I think I’ll try it with my team.