Today is Independence Day in the USA.
I’m at Lake Powell.

I’ve often found that holiday mornings are some of the most productive times for me.
Nobody expects normal work. It’s a good time to spend an hour working on your business rather than in. Spending 10 minutes posting that job post that you’ve been putting off would be really good time spent today!

We’re always looking for ways to improve

– We beefed up our verification system to improve the quality of Filipino jobseekers on the site.
– We’ve improved the design of the website to make it easier to use.
– We’re working on improving the search function to give you more relevant talent when you search.

In the latest line of improvements, here are some of the things we rolled out to make hiring an Online Filipino Specialist easier and better for you.

  1. You can now upload your business logo in your job post. This will help your job post stand out and make it look even more professional.
  2. We’re now offering annual subscriptions. Rather than paying every month, you can pay once with the annual subscription which will save you up to 71%, and make future hiring a no brainer.
  3. We’ve made improvements on our job board so that all job posts can be seen, even if there are a lot of posts that day. This increases your chances of getting more applicants.

We’re constantly making changes.

Are there other improvements you want to see? Let me know!


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