Meeting my team in the Philippines was amazing. 

It only happened once, in 2010.
I took my family to the Philippines on vacation for a month with the intent of meeting my team while I was there. 

If you get a chance to meet the people who work for you, do it.  

I always feel like I should go back and meet with my current team (about 6 times larger than it was then)…but I’m such a home body. The thought of being away from my wife and kids for 2 weeks…yuck.

In 2010, Joven was one of those I met.  He was the first OFS I ever hired.  Actually, at the time he was a VA.  An assistant.  He didn’t know much.

Today, I’d trust him with my life.  Actually…I did once.  But that story is for another time. 

Today is about Joven.
Joven life is different. 
He’s a stay at home dad. 
He raises his kid, does the chores, laundry, dishes.
He takes his kid to school and “teaches him good manners.”

The best part?

He can watch his baby grow. 

A couple years after meeting him I hired a videographer to film Joven and tell a story.
We wanted it for marketing purposes in the Philippines.  I had no idea how personal it would become.

If you want some insight into the life of your Online Filipino Specialist, watch this video.

Maybe you should ask your people what hobbies they have. How they care for their kids (if they have kids). What chores they do…


PS. I’m looking for different perspectives on data security. How do you handle data security with your OFS team?  How do you handle passwords? What about sensitive info they have on their computers?
Respond and let me know.  I’m likely to feature you. You might also get a link to your website from mine.

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