Having had a good thanksgiving and heard some good christmas music over the weekend I decided to go back and revisit the music on my ipod to see if I could get a playlist of christmas music.

I was quickly reminded about how much I hate the itunes software.

Who in the world thought up the idea of presenting every single song on a persons computer in one big list. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Let’s say I have somewhere around 5,000 songs. That means that in order to find my dumb christmas music on itunes I have to look through an asseninely large list just to create a playlist. My library is tiny compared to most peoples.

That’s besides the fact that when I opened up itunes it had magically added a ton of songs to my “library” 2 times, only to put an exclamation point next to all those duplicates telling me there was a problem. The problem didn’t exist the last time I opened itunes, and I haven’t touched the folders since then.

I’ve had nothing but problems with that stupid software since I got it. Apparently, others have too.

I don’t understand why people can’t just stick with what works like winamp. Why did apple have to go screw up the winamp process. I store cd’s on my computer in folders. When I rip a cd my ripping program puts all the files nicely into a folder in My Music. It’s organized. It’s easy.

iTunes has to go and un-organize everything for me, so that I can re-organize it all.

All this, plus the fact that when I play a song in winamp that sounds great, I can play it in itunes and it sounds like the cd had a billion scratches on it.

Plus it crashes all the time.

Here’s another problem that I can’t solve (all these problems from apple, the company that makes stuff that’s “soooooo easy to use”): I can’t have songs shuffle through a playlist on my ipod! Does anyone know how to make it do this? When I want to shuffle through my christmas list, I don’t also want to shuffle through the rest of my music. I’m enjoying my christmas music and all of a sudden I have a random chapter of The Da Vinci Code playing. Obnoxious.

I love the ipod itself…the iTrip is great. But I’m sick of dealing with iTunes.

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