John, can you just recruit for me? The fact that you made OneVAAway tells me you have it down to a science. I really don’t have the time to do it myself. Let me just pay you to recruit people for me.”

I get a version of that message in my email and social media at least once a week. I always give the same answer.


It’s not because I can’t hire people. I’ve been doing and teaching it for years. We even have a recruiting service at

Despite having it, I don’t actively promote our recruiting service. Why?  I don’t like it.
I always say no when people ask me to recruit for them, no matter how much money they offer, because usually it’s not good for them.

Hiring isn’t just about finding the person with the right set of skills and experience. If it were, we could easily automate the process.

Hiring the right OFS for your business is also about hiring the right personality. The personality that fits in working with you. The personality that’s suited to the role. That’s why we have a DISC personality test at I talk about Filipino culture a lot in my podcast, so you know how it would influence your OFS’ behavior.

So the biggest reason why me doing the recruiting for you isn’t going to be good for you is because I’m not you. YOU are the best person to do the recruitment for your business. is my hiring process that helps you hire people that would work well with your business, your personality, and your management style.

My personality, my business, and my management style are the things that influence my hiring needs. So, when I do the recruiting for you, that’s what I’ll always fall back on.

Now, you might ask, “Could it be that OneVAAway only works with your management style, business, personality, etc?”

I’ve noticed that those who say that they’re having problems with the OFS either:

  1. Didn’t really take the OneVAAway challenge
  2. Took shortcuts with the OneVAAway challenge, or
  3. Insisted on doing things I would tell employers not to do (like pre-paying for work, interviewing too early, etc).

You’ll find the right OFS for you because Filipinos are not a monolith. Within my team of 40, we have a bunch of different personalities.

Some prefer to work on their own. Some work better in teams.
Some are early birds, and some are night owls.
Some need a lot of handholding; some work best with minimal supervision.
Some are outspoken, while some are shy and introverted.

Doing the hiring yourself is around twice as likely to end in success than if I did it for you.


PS. I don’t do the hiring at My team in the Philippines does.