Voting brings a lot of emotion.

During the last election cycle my wife and I had some different views.  We had a number of heated conversations. Nothing ever got out of control…but it wasn’t our normal.

We ended up coming really close together and having really similar views in the end.

That’s rarely the outcome.

The Philippines is no different.

The Philippine Congress finally declared Bongbong Marcos as the next President. The daughter of Rodrigo Duterte (Sara) is going to be his Vice President.

The term of the Philippine President and Vice President runs for 6 years, so they’re expected to serve until 2028.

There’s no turning back now. Preparations for the inauguration on June 30 are already underway.

They have started discussing what they plan to implement for their administration and picking their cabinet members. Bongbong has met with foreign dignitaries from Spain, Morocco, and Germany. He met with the United States Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on June 9.

So far, they haven’t said or done anything that would affect how you work with your OFS, which is good.

Also, as far as we know, June 30 is not going to be a holiday, regular or otherwise.

But we are following the news since this concerns Filipinos, your OFS included.

Like, for the inauguration, the police will be on high alert. Protests are expected because a lot of people are not happy about it. Hopefully, they won’t escalate to violence because the whole world is watching. Despite winning by a landslide, people still remember what the Marcoses did (good and bad) and the idea that the Marcoses are back in power brings up a lot of emotions there.

Your OFS may or may want to talk about it, depending on where they stand.

Of course…there’s always the 3 things “we don’t discuss”: Religion, Politics, and Futbol!