boy my life is great.
Kim left to go to Arizona on tuesday and it really bothered me. I’m not sure what happened but I just didn’t feel good about her going. Maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten enough and was feeling a little sick, but I think it was because I don’t like not having her around. Now that she’s gone, it sucks. There’s no reason to come home. Life’s empty without her.
I went and played hockey last night and as I came home at like 11:30 I thought as I walked up the steps to the front door, “boy, life’s really empty when there’s not someone to come home too.” It sucked. Then as I walked through the office I looked into the crib to see Austin but he wasn’t there because he’s in arizona too.
I guess I just haven’t really realized how good I have it and how much I love them until now that I haven’t had them around. They come home tonight, so things will be good again.
Life is good.