I’m learning how easy, and how difficult link popularity building can be.

First we tried having a “professional” SEO guy do our link building for http://www.utahrealestatehelp.com. It’s not going so well…I don’t think. He’s still supposed to be working on it, but we’re not seeing really good results from it (we also haven’t paid him yet, which we need to do still).

Now, I’m trying to build the links myself. I’m finding that it’s so easy. Every morning, the first thing I do is do a site: search on google for one of my competitors for utah real estate. They have like 60 links to them. So I’m just visiting all of the sites that are linked to them, and asking them to link to me. It’s pretty simple. Most of the pages have an automatic link submission form which they just approve and send me an email saying that they added my link to their site. Some of them I just have to email them. Either way, all they ask is that I just add a link to them on my site. I have a links page which still has a page rank of 0 but I’m sure it will start getting page rank ( http://www.utahrealestatehelp.com/Web_Links+index-req-viewlink-cid-3.html ) because I’m sure some people will start linking to that page instead of my home page (maybe…maybe not).
Anyway, it’s a really good way of building link popularity. I try to link to 2 people each day. In a month I’d guess I’ll have somewhere between 30-40 links to my site.
Now that’s a good way to build pagerank.