This week I did some research on the digital point ad network. It’s pretty interesting. You put a place on your site for the system to put ads and the system will put your links on other peoples sites. It’s really ingenious as an automated solution to linking. You get a certain weight based on the pr of your sites and the number of pages you have indexed. That weight determines the % chance that your ads will show up on someone elses site every time a link is served.

The network (and the others like it) still have two fundamental problems though. 1. that the ads are not necessarily served on relevant pages. Links are served at random on pages, which for google, isn’t really worth much anymore. And 2. sites that are doing bad seo things are showing up in the network. People are doing shady stuff like posting their links in white text on a white background. If one of your pages gets served an ad that points to one of those sites, that could get you in a lot of trouble.

I think that once these two issues are addressed (relevant linking and keeping bad webmasters out of the network), this will be an amazing solution to automate linking. Everyone helps everyone else…at least…those who know about it do.

The reason I did the research on the network is because I’m looking right now for a way to integrate or to create an automated linking strategy for my DSG sites. DSG still has 2 problems. One is getting indexed (which I think we’ve taken care of…but am not going to share how). Two is that long term, sites must continue to get links pointed to them in order to stay on top of the serps.

Sooo…I’m looking for an automated linking strategy. I looked at the digitalpoint option, but it looks to be short term. We have already automated a way to get reciprocal links from the network, but reciprocal links aren’t worth very much anymore. I’ve looked a little at getting links from .edu sites, and at linking from groups (,, but they’re not really that useful (always pr1 as far as I can tell). I’m totally willing to automate the process. I have several ideas of how to build a single high pr site, by offering different services that will make people want to link to the service…but I need a solution that will build link strength to a lot of different sites.

If anyone has suggestions, I have some pretty valuable tools that I’d be willing to share with them. You can either post a comment (but that might be less effective considering that I get about 30 spam comments/day right now), or you can email me at john at jonasfam dot com.