While doing link building for http://www.utahrealestatehelp.com, I came across a few sites which were using software from linkpartners.com. It appears to be really good software which handles all affiliate links on your site. Not that hard. The cool thing about it though, is the system that linkpartners have built. The software handles form inputs for adding reciprocal links and on each form is the option to add you details to the linkpartners directory. I did it the first time I came across one of the sites. Then, a few days later, I started getting requests from people for me to link to them. They found me on linkpartners.com and they had added a link to me already and they were soliciting a reciprocal link from me! Very cool. So now instead of having to go out and find good link partners, all I have to do is sereach on linkpartners.com for link swapping sites that relate to the topic of my site and I’ll find tons of them. I searched ‘real estate’ and it came up with 84 pages of about 20 sites per page. Awesome.

Here’s the real cool thing about it. http://www.linkpartners.com is owned by http://www.linksmanager.com. Linksmanager.com is the actual software that you put on your website. Well, when you browser linkpartners.com, and find a site you want to link to, all you have to do is select the site and the software will automatically send the site an email and will put a link to them on your site! This saves soooo much time. All you have to do is request links from people, you don’t even have to put links to them on your site because the linksmanager software automatically does it.

I haven’t used it yet because it’s $20/month and becauses I just found it. They do have a 30 day free trial, so I’m going to try it. I really believe it’l be worth the $20/month, although, I wonder if you stop paying the money f you can keep all the links pages you already have…I’ll have to try it out.