Growing up in Southern California, we always bought our pumpkins in the grocery store because it was cheaper. But we always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch cuz it was super cool. At least, we thought it was super cool. 

Well, my wife just told me she’s on her way to a pumpkin patch right now which has a whole bunch of unique, specialty pumpkins. I laughed at it because she’s really just looking for pumpkins that have warts on them and are really, really ugly. 

One of the things about the Philippines is it’s a different experience than elsewhere but without the ugly.

Filipinos are super duper loyal which is different from anywhere else that I’ve ever seen right now. Especially in Western countries where loyalty towards an employer has completely gone out the window. 

It used to be you would get a job and you work there for 40, 50 years and retire and they’d pay you a pension. Now, the average person stays in their job for like 2-3 years and they move on to something else. There’s no loyalty left. 

Yet in the Philippines, that loyalty still exists and it’s really amazing. Like the first person I ever hired in 2005, Joven, still works for me today. And Julia who I hired in 2011 still works for me today.

It’s super common that if you give people a job, as long as you’re willing to treat them well and employ them, they’ll work for you for a really long time. Which is really, really nice for a small business owner. It means you don’t have to get every single standard operating procedure right the first time because they’re still going to work for you. They’re going to work for you for a very long time and you can teach them. Fix mistakes and correct. And that loyalty will pay off over and over again. 

And that’s one of the reasons we stick with the Philippines.        


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